Friday, December 24, 2010

Blog site working again

Finally, I have managed to log back onto my blog, and all thanks to my wife's cousin's husband 'Phil' who is much more a computer wiz than I am.Having more than one gmail account seemed to be the main problem, but with great persistance Phil worked out why I could no longer post anything - to which he posted the last blog which he though was very funny, and i dont know how to delete it - to thank Phil - I will have to look for your blog and post something there. And if any of you need environmental impact assessments in Southern Africa - he's the man for the job. He will probably do most of it on his fancy cell phone (its amazing what he can do on that)and he's efficient - and on the extra positive side - he doesnt have my passwords any more - so no more 'funny' postings. Hoping to update you all soon. Dave

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