Saturday, September 18, 2010


I thought I would start my first blog with the press release issued by the publishers of my book. I will also be posting some of the latest reviews and throwing in a few of my own thoughts as time goes by, but this is the first one.

Tribe of Shadows : The Hunted
By David Fergusson
The flashing from the answering machine
drew my attention. 'Mr. Hunt, we know
you have something that belongs to us,
and you have until midday today to return
it. We will text you the coordinates of
where you are to leave the ....' At the same
moment William Hunt receives a cryptic
message in London, his twin brother, Ross,
is running for his life through the bush of
Sub-Saharan Africa. David Fergusson's
Tribe of Shadows—The Hunted unveils
the plight of two brothers whose destiny,
and that of an entire community, lies in
their ability to outsmart General
Merjuta—'the priest of the dead'—a man
who is both a national and spiritual leader
of a nation deeply rooted in ancestral
worship. When the general, unexpected and
unwelcome, arrives at Ross's camp, Ross
sends a desperate cry for help to his
brother, a renowned journalist based in
London. With the unveiling of a powerful
secret, the fate of friends and family
members is set in motion as they are
hunted across two continents by
mercenaries who will stop at nothing short
of genocide to protect their interest. Tribe
of Shadows—The Hunted delves deeply
into the darkness of the lost soul and the
compassion and patience needed to draw it
out of the shadows. As readers unveil a
plot within the shadows, they will realize
that not everything that hunts them in the
darkness is necessarily human.

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